Our history in a nutshell...

The Caribbean Children's Cricket Charity began in Sydney, Australia in early 2016. In 2018, the organisation renamed and became the Children's Cricket Charity. We expanded our reach and began providing cricket goodwill to disadvantaged children throughout NSW, as well as continuing to provide mass quantities of cricket goodwill to needy communities in the Caribbean and Sri Lanka. 


In mid 2019, our founder and driving force, Tamara Lowe relocated from Sydney to live in London, England and the Australian registered Children's Cricket Charity voluntarily wound down it's registration as a not for profit incorporated association. 


Tamara forever remains dedicated to continuing our legacy of Cricket Kindness to address to endless need for kit in developing countries around the world. She is continuing her efforts to support disadvantaged cricket- loving youngsters under the banner of The Cricket Kindness Project. In time she hopes to inspire others to help raise funds for breakfast programs and resources for education as well.  


The Cricket Kindness Kit Recycling Program ensures masses of expensive bats, helmets, pads, gloves, sneakers and clothes with plenty of wear left are not discarded ending up in landfill as children and teenagers outgrow them. We are always delighted to accept superseded new cricket kit too left redundant by change of sponsorship and advances in technology.   

How it all began...

In 2015, a passionate humanitarian with a life-long love of cricket, Tamara Lowe, travelled through the Caribbean with her family. Everywhere they went children of all ages joined impromptu games of cricket with their new Aussie friends!  


At Sabina Park in Kingston, Jamaica, Tamara asked a group of cricket-mad teenagers if anyone had ever owned a cricket bat or ball. As is common for children in the West Indies, nobody had. 


When the test match ended, four cricket sets were delivered to the boys' school, Calabar Junior High in Kingston. A very surprised principal happily accepted the gift for his students!


Inspired by equality, humanity and simple kindness and driven by a passionate belief in the power of sport to change lives, Tamara established the Caribbean Children's Cricket Charity in early 2016 to level the playing field for disadvantaged cricket-loving kids without access to cricket kit.



Donating cricket kits to Mr Raymond C Munroe, the Principal of Calabar Junior High in Kingston, Jamaica , June 2015

Tamara Lowe